Friday, September 14, 2012

A Friday Finish for the USS George Washington

I'm so pleased that the Sailors on the carrier USS George Washington can now have their own bedding on their "racks."

Yesterday I bound another quilt for my "courtesy newphew," Seaman Dustin Dyer.  This is the quilt I made last fall at Retreat for the "Strip Races."  I took second place in the race, behind my friend Jane.  We were laughing so hard, when my thread broke, I couldn't re-thread the machine!

Here is the backing fabric.  I love that is says "thank you thank you thank you," as these Sailors pretty much give up any semblance to a normal life when they go to sea.

Here is a photo of the ship at sea.  I'm sorry the photo runs over the edges of the blog page -- I lifted it from the USS George Washington Facebook page.

 Fair winds and following seas, Dustin!

And oh, yeah -- it's Friday, so I'm linking up twice:

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  1. A wonderful quilt - full of fun, laughter, and memories.

  2. Your jellyroll race quilt is great. Aren't those fun to do?
    Nice job.

  3. Awesome quilt! I love seeing the quilts made for our military members! Makes this Army mom's heart swell with pride for the gift quilters are giving to them - so much more than a quilt, it's an expression of our love and appreciation for them that they can wrap themselves in when them need a hugs from home! Bless you!!!!

  4. Love jelly rolls! What a great use of this quilt.

  5. I won a jelly roll race last November. That was fun!

    Love your quilt of valor!

  6. I LOVE that quilt!! Adding it to my list of one to make. :) I didn't realize there were quilting races! I'd come in last place, no doubt! LOL You are so sweet to make all of these quilts for your son's fellow Navy crewsman/women. :o)

  7. What great fabric, I'm sure he must love his quilt. I hope you don't get too angry with me, but I stole a copy of the backing fabric and have used it on my blog to try and see if any Aussie fabric can be made the same as this great American Hero one. Please say it's ok that I used it? I have linked to your blog from mine in the particular post, which you can see here:

    American Hero fabric

    Hugs Naomi


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