Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIP Wednesday -- Block a Day String Quilt

I'm caught up with the Summer Block-a-Day project.  In fact, I'm a couple of days ahead, but that won't last long.

This is going to be a really big quilt -- 9" squares finished, 90 of them.  So the quilt will be 90" X 81".  Because the strings are sewn to muslin foundations, I'm thinking I'll back it with Minky and not use any batting. My idea is it will make a great picnic quilt.

Anyone have experience using Minky and no batting?

I can't get far enough away from my design wall to take a photo of the entire 10-block row, so I had to take three photos to show my progress:

One would think ninety blocks of assorted width strips would make quite a dent in the old scrap collection, wouldn't one?

One would be wrong.

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  1. I'm thinking that if you're making a quilt a week, no sooner do you use up your strips that you would be making replacements! I think yours looks terrific. I'm going to make one of these quilts later this year. When you say you used quilters muslin for the foundation, did you then lay a white strip over the top for the centre strips or do you just let the muslin show through?

  2. It looks lovely! I've used both Minkee and Fleece with these and no batting but if you plan to use it outside as a picnic quilt my recomendation would be a cotton back that's darker and a lttle busy. I have two that I use outside and they still look great. Dirt and other stuff from the ground would cling more to the Minkee than it would a cotton back.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! The colors blend so well!! Now explain (please) what you mean about sewing it onto muslin? Are you literally sewing each pieced block onto muslin? If so, can you explain why (remember I am new at all of this). P.S.: If you need a home for your scraps, they are welcome at my house! ;)

  4. This quilt is going to be so impressive! The colors are so fun and it will be such a nice picnic quilt! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  5. it is amazing how far scraps can go...this looks beautiful

  6. I have used Minkie as a backing and it stretches. I love the feel of it, but hate to use it. I have several pieces in my stash that are calling out to be used up, but can't being myself to actually use them because they are just so much trouble :( I wouldn't use it on a picnic quilt because it will pick up every stick and leaf on the ground. It would make a great throw for the couch because it is SOOOOO soft and cuddly.

  7. You. Are. A. MACHINE, Martie! Nobody like you. I know whom to count on if I have a question on ANY technique.

  8. I agree with Marilyn and Mary -- the minkee will pick up EVERYthing! Yuck!

    The quilts I made with minkee had batting, but it's not necessarily. But one thing I did learn is that, like Marilyn said, the minkee stretches because it's a knit, not a woven. So, if you're doing this on Meggie, then you should quilt it upside down, so the minkee is on top. Otherwise, the weight of it will pull it down toward the ground, and you'll end up with bunches and pulls and stuff.

    Talk to Karen at High Country. She's the one that turned me onto quilting it upside down.

  9. It's beautiful, Marti! What width are the white strips?


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