Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, Monday

Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way . . .

Which is to say -- it's HOT today!  Our normal average is 85F this time of year.  This week, the forecast has us in the 90s all week.  One of my friends posted on Facebook:  "I'm so over summer."

I hear ya, Deb!

Maybe a little Liberty of London Lifestyle eye candy will perk us up.

Twelve straight quarter yard cuts in Aqua, Turquoise and Marine.

A nice hand -- and what shall I make?

I'm disappointed that the cuts are not all straight, and the short edge of some of them doesn't measure a full quarter-yard.  I think I may have to complain, because for $18.40/yard, I want the full measure!

Saturday I finished the flimsy of quilt #38 for 2012.  The pattern is from a 2007 issue of "Big Block Quilts."  The designer, Debby Kratovil, calls it "Cotton Candy."  I'm calling it Batik Diamonds.

I'm giving it to a friend who recently retired as a foreign language teacher.  Everyone who knows her agrees, "It looks just like Rosie!"

Stay cool!

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  1. Oh no! I hate complaining to companies, but yes, at that price I'd be asking them about it too. (On a different note, the one time I splurged and got some LOL, I pre-washed it with some blue fabric and it got blue spots all over it, so it's still sitting in my stash! On the bright side, it's made it much easier to not risk that kind of money on fabric again even though I'm enamored of a few of the ones from this line! ;) Can't wait to see how you end up using them.

    Sending my hopes for cooler weather for you soon - I've been disappointed it's only 66F today in western WA, but I suppose your heat wave puts it in perspective!

  2. Ali, I did decide to complain and guess what: they are replacing the five cuts that were short, and invited me to keep the short cuts. I am now pleased to recommend Purl Soho if you're craving Liberty Lifestyle fabrics!

  3. Oh, such pretty batiks. Very nice, Marti!

  4. Gorgeous fabric. I've got 1 1/2 metres of Liberty Tana Lawn washed, pressed & waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I think maybe I'll just pet it for another week instead of cutting into it! Great customer service from Purl Soho! I'm off to take a look there now. (And I have another 2 metre piece of a different Lawn print that I haven't washed & pressed yet--I'm thinking of just framing it.LOL)

  5. Nasty heat - its a coolish 73F here during the day - and sometimes as low as 48F overnight!! (some think its cold. Certainly worthwhile to lodge a complaint - paid off this time. Liberties are so lovely and soft - not as hard wearing as the usual patchwork cottons but lovely anyway.

  6. Very cute fabric! I would have to nicely complain for that price! I got out some fat quarters the other day, and they did not measure a full quarter yard either. :( I'm thinking I will have to unfold and measure them myself before leaving the store (yes, sounds tacky, but hey, we want our money's worth!).

  7. That's so great to hear! I ordered some shot cotton and pearl thread from them last month - they have lovely stuff but it certainly is on the higher end price wise so that was a naughty splurge for me ;) Glad you will have some extra fabric to play with!


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