Monday, June 4, 2012

Block 0' Monday

Quilters love Blocks of the Month -- because we think "Oh, I can do one block a month, no problem."

Then we put the blocks in a bin and suddenly, there are eight months of blocks to make. I started this BOM last October at Cindy's Quilt Retreat at the Ashley Inn in Idaho.  I made one block, then . . . .

So I decided to dedicate the first Monday of each month to "BOMs."

The BOM project I worked on today is from Jackie Robinson, 3D Sampler.

Jackie gives the quilter a choice to sew all four of each style together, or wait until all the blocks are done and set them separately.
:I must say, this is the easiest flying geese technique I've ever tried!  I love the 3D look, and it only takes about 45 minutes to do each set of four blocks.

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  1. That looks like an easy idea - I am going to order a couple of the patterns. And you little shopping bag looks great too.


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