Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Sew-a-Thon

Dang. I mean really.  Dang.

Never has it taken me so long to make one simple top.  Neither have I ever had so much trouble with a pattern.  And I've done a lot of fashion sewing in my day, including tailoring suits and more than one wedding dress.

It took two tries to get a collar that fit this neckline.  And two tries to make the armscye binding fit.  I don't know if I was off on my seam allowance, if there was a problem with the pattern, or if I was just having an "off day."

Here's the pattern: 

 And here's my finished top:

I guess anyone close enough to see the sloppy collar won't be looking at my collar!  AND there is an ink blot right in the front -- don't know if it was on the fabric or if it picked up from the ruler when I was marking the front pleats.  I had success removing ink from some t-shirts (SOMEONE left his razor-point felt tip in his pocket when he put his shirt in the laundry.  Not naming names, but I only know one person who likes that kind of pen!) using hairspray, so after I wear this today, I'll try removing the ink.

The fabric is from the Filigree Collection by artgallery fabrics, purchased last June at G Street Fabrics last June when DH and I went to visit My Little Sailor at Ft. Meade, Maryland.  Artgallery uses the finest grey goods for their fabric, their quilting cottons are nicer than a lot of fashion fabric cottons.

Hancock Fabrics has Butterick patterns on sale this week for 99 cents, maybe I'll try a different pattern for my next summer top.

Really.  Dang!

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  1. Great Job! I have a million patterns and have been to scared to use them. Maybe one day, since I have vowed to not be scared of sewing anymore :)

  2. Great top! Some things are just meant to be a challenge.

  3. when I was in beauty college in the 80's, we had to wear white smocks - and everybody always got ink stains in the front pockets. Our trick was to spray the ink really good with hair spray, then wash. It worked wonders!


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