Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Road Trip!

I'm leaving too early today to link up with Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday, but I do have a couple of works in progress.

First, my pyramid blocks for Anna Lena's pyramid block-a-day:


I'm using a portion of my extensive collection of 1930s reproduction fabrics.  Conveniently, this quilt is also one of my April UFOs.

By the first day of summer, I'll have enough blocks to make this quilt:

Really, my border fabric is that great bubble-gum pink called "Double Pink" from the 1930s, even though it looks kind of apricot in this photo:

And for my best WIP. today I'm off on my roadtrip to Ohio to the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival

To celebrate, I installed this fun license plate frame, a gift from my friend Tracy in Boise.  Do you have any idea how many quilt shops there are between Colorado and Cincinnati?  I do -- and I promise photos and shop reviews!

From the desk of your


  1. I cannot even imagine how many shops!! How many miles?? How many days travel?? Hope you are having - have had a great time and you found LOTS to spend your husbands money on!! (LOL)


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