Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feel Free to Laugh at Me

Go ahead.  My family will.  Michelle will (and I hope it makes your tooth hurt.  Well, not really.)

I am having so much fun reading the comments on my 50 Followers! A Giveaway! post.  Every time I get an email that says "New comment on your post," I squeal.  Just like a girl.

And I sit down to answer it.  Yep.  Every single one.  45 so far (and I have this crazy idea that I should have 50 comments, since it's for 50 followers).

And when I try to answer, but I can't, because the commenter is a "no reply blogger?"  I feel bad.

Maybe you're a no reply commenter and don't even know it.  I was.

Lucky for me, Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects wrote an excellent tutorial that helped me change. Here's what Adrianne says:
 I [also] think a lot of people assume they're not no-reply, because they haven't specifically chosen to be no-reply.  Blogger defaults EVERYONE to no-reply, to err on the side of privacy, just in case they would prefer to remain anonymous.  Unless you have gone through the steps to make your email address available for replies, you are, in fact, a no-reply commenter.

Who knew? What can you do?

First, you have to want to change.

Second, read Adrianne's tutorial:  Blog Tips: Are you noreply-comment @

Third, follow her carefully worded and wonderfully illustrated instructions.

Fourth, if you commented and I didn't answer -- comment again!

As the lottery folk say, you can't win if you don't play.  And if I can't find you, and you DO win, -- well, I can't find you.


  1. My tooth is all better, tyvm...and I don't every laugh at you I only laugh with you....but you learned something new and that is what counts....oh have a quilt top at the store from strip club Aug (last year I think). you may want to pick it up.

  2. I'm laughing - if you swapped "no reply blogger" for drinker or similar it would sound so much like AA. How did your triangles quilt go??

  3. I have been a no reply blogger in the past, but I mended my ways. This was after a couple of people kindly called me on it. I had no idea!

  4. I have a few of ny UFO's in bags, just getting the rst into them. If I have an UFO that I can't remember how to do, do I go baqckt o where I took the class and get further instructions? Thanks little sister

    1. REALLY? My own sister is a no-reply blogger? Fix that! And yes, if you took the class at a shop (esp. Bluebird Quilts) they will usually help you if you have a problem, even if it's a long time after the class.

  5. hope I did this right. Are people really going to talk to me now?


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