Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday - a very old UFO

It's WIP Wednesday!

The week I have an oldie but a goodie for you.  It's a BOM from the quilt shop in the town across the Snake River from my hometown in Idaho.  I started it in 2004 and lost interest when two of the blocks depicted downtown stores -- not interesting or pretty!

When this quilt came up as the March UFO number, I pulled out all the block kits and decided "I don't have to put those two storefront blocks front and center in my quilt."  (Doh, I AM the boss of my quilting!  Why do we forget that?)

I do think the blocks tell the story of Idaho, though.  The sun shines 204 days a year, so this sunny block is apt:

The Idaho state flower is the Syringa, which is a :white-flowering bush:

I had some fabric that depicted the Idaho state flower, but sadly the designer had shown the syringa vulgaris, or common white lilac -- wrong flower!  So I pieced some blocks that look to me like the Sego lily:

which grows wild in the mountain meadows of Idaho.

I am adding a row of conifer trees across the bottom.  That "golden" conifer is a Tamarack, a conifer that turns a beautiful gold color in the fall.  The Tamarack is also known as the Western Larch, and is a deciduous conifer (cone-bearing tree) which loses its needles in the fall.  

Here is my quilt so far:

The large empty space on the right will have an applique block of the Perrine Bridge, the bridge from which Elder Son jumped last summer -- 486 feet to the water!


Oh look, the Devil Cat of Death wants to play.  Or bite my camera hand, whichever comes first:

And speaking of WIPs, all Meggie needs is the thread holder and the lamp, then she'll be ready to use!  Woo hoo!

The temperature is supposed to reach 72 degrees today, so I'm thinking it's a better day for yard work than for quilting.

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  1. Love that sampler!! We're very close to Idaho, and my husband is a forester, so I love your "take" on it too!!


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