Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 #19 - Flying in Squares

#19 for 2012 is a result of Karen Snyder's "Block-a-Day" challenge for Winter.  Each season, Karen proposes her blog followers make one block every day.  When the season turns, readers have a minimum of 90 blocks.

I first made bowtie blocks last Summer:

then hourglass blocks for Fall.

When Winter approached, I tried to hint that she might choose Log Cabin blocks as our Block-a-Day project.  But alas for me,  she had already chosen Flying Geese.

Now it's no secret that I don't like to make Flying Geese.  I'm quite particular about my blocks being perfectly sized, and the points must match and never float.  And somehow, I cannot make a perfect Flying Geese block.  Yes, I've tried that ruler; yes, I've tried the "two at a time" method.  If there's a Flying Geese trick, I've attempted it.  To no avail.

I wish I could write "and then I discovered . . . . "  But I can't.

I used the Simplicity Easy Star and Geese ruler this time around because there is so little fabric waste with this method.  Although they aren't perfectly perfect, as Elder Son says, "Can you see the mistake from the back of a galloping horse?"  No.

 The pattern is by Mellissa Corry of Happy Quilting.  "Flying in Squares" was featured on Moda Bakeshop in December 2011.  The print fabric is a Fat Quarter Story, Mod Charms, from Anthology Fabrics that I picked up at Quilter's Haven in Bountiful, Utah.  When I bemoaned missing the birthday discount at my home quilt shop here in Colorado, the lovely clerk said "Oh, we give you a discount equal to half your age."  How much?  Let's just say it was more than 25%!

The background is Kaufman's Kona Cotton, Snow, that I buy by the bolt from Hancock's of Paducah.

I still don't like making Flying Geese, but I do like this quit.

And Karen?  I still want to make Log Cabin blocks one season!

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