Sunday, February 26, 2012

She knits, too!

I don't knit much these days, too hard on the wrist.  But my younger son (The Little Sailor) is the only person who loves my handknit sweaters.  He always wore one of the sweaters I made him when he worked at the Pikes Peak Library District.  And he says it's cold in Japan, so I cast on a pullover for him February 1.

Yes.  February 1.

And yesterday I finished it!  As soon as the snow stops, I'll take off for the post office to put it in the mail.

This is an Ann Budd pattern, Guston.  The recommended yarn is Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter, but I used a wonderful Aran Weight from Ram Wools in Canada, "Selkirk."  The color is a true Navy blue, darker that it looks in the photos.  I had one or two problems with the pattern -- particularly where instructed to bind off at the end of the row.  Huh?  Wouldn't that leave your yarn dangling at the end of the row, three stitches away from the live stitches?  It was a quick and easy knit, but NOT for the blind follower.  There is a lot of  "read your stitches" involved, so I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner.

 I wish the photo of my personalized label showed up better.  I also sewed in a tiny silver heart that reads "made with love" that my friend D'awn bought me.  I put one in every garment, hidden away for a surprise.

Older son thinks it is too big, but he wears his clothes pretty tight.  DH thinks the sleeves are too long, but they are according to the measurement of a previously worn sweater.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

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