Friday, February 3, 2012

The Farm (Wife) Report

I have a good-sized stack of Farmer's Wife blocks complete. But when I count them, there are only 48.  Which sounds like a lot -- until you realize the quilt has 111 blocks!  I spent all day yesterday catching up with my FWQAL group at High Country Quilts.  Here are the blocks I finished yesterday:

My favorite block is "Grape Basket."  I used my clever "Block Loc" tool to get perfect half-square triangles that nest together beautifully.  (Click to see post about the Block Loc.)

Oh, look, I did it twice:

Don't those points look nice. Did I do it twice just because I love this block?  Umm, no . . .

I made it twice because I had annotated the size of the square in my book at 1 1/2".  That would be finished size, not cut size.  Now my friend and fellow Farmer's Wife aficionado. Shar (retired math teacher) would have known at a glance that making four half-square triangles at 1 1/2" would not result in a 6" square finished block.  But I blithely went on sewing and it wasn't until I put this little gem on the design wall next to the other blocks that I realized -- oh.  It's only 5" square.

Won't it make a nice mug rug for our FWQAL teacher, Karen?


  1. love the colors of your FWQAL blocks - and I wouldn'd have noticed the size problem until I put it with the others, either :)

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  3. LOL - I am scrolling through old posts to see when I first started and here is the beginning of your Farmer's Wife!!


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