Monday, January 16, 2012

(New!) Mystery Monday

Hooray, the Wednesday Block-of-the-Month club at Ruth's Stitchery is doing a mystery quilt this year!  And it's by my favorite mystery quilt designer, Debbie Caffrey.

This quilt requires only four fabrics.  I'm using batiks from my stash:

Ginny advised us to put a tiny snippet of each fabric in order on our instruction sheet, as it is easy to get confused as the project progresses.  What a smart idea!  (Umm, yeah, name of quilt covered up by request of designer.  Don't want to spoil the mystery for other quilters.)

Debbie advises, "make a sample to ensure your 1/4" seam is really really 1/4".  Here's mine, perfect!

And here is step one, completed.
Kind of a strange step -- sew two different-sized triangles together?  Oh, well, that's why it's called a mystery. Only six steps to this mystery, I can't wait to see what happens next!

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