Friday, January 27, 2012

Finish-it-Up Friday

TWO quilts bound and ready to mail today!  Both of them will go to Washington to granddaughters.  First,
 "Red Velvet," details here.

Second, "Chocolate Raspberry Ripple," made for a Colorado Quilt Council class with Janet Jones Worley.  A long-time UFO but I love it!

Like my quilt hanger?  I knew having tall boys would come in handy one day!

Today is Strip Club at High Country Quilts so come back tomorrow to see what we made today.

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  1. And what blessed granddaughters they are! Love the first one especially, such popular colors this year. I have to say your output is stunning and incredibly encouraging. And they aren't just whipped up easy-peasy or sloppy either, but each one beautiful!!! No more excuses for the rest of us, huh? You make me want to work harder/faster/longer?! :)


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