Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are You a Follower?

I've been asked how to follow my blog -- here is how I follow (dozens of) other blogs:

I like Google/Reader.  Very easy tool, far better than tracking via Favorites.  Simply go to www.google.com/reader   You'll see a button where you can ADD a subscription. You simply need to paste the url to the blog that you want to follow into the add a subscription box.  And, when you visit Google/Reader it will show you a list of blogs that you want to follow that have been updated (have posted since the last time you've read their blog).

These instructions were shamelessly stolen from SewCalGal.  She also has careful instructions on how to win a giveaway -- something I may be doing next year, so take note.  Thanks, SewCalGal!

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  1. Also, at the very bottom of the blog page is a line that reads: "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" If you click on that, it will take you straight to Google Reader, and you just click on the blue box that reads "Google Reader." Then you don't have to copy and past the url into the Subscribe form on Reader. Be sure to click on Subscribe to POSTS and not on Post Comments.


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