Saturday, June 16, 2012

You're a winner, and I'm a winner!

So I was sitting at the computer waiting for it to be noon, so I could ask to select a winner for the 100+ followers giveaway.  I idly scrolled through my "spam" folder -- and found a message from Sandi at Piecemeal Quilts with the subject "EQ7 Giveaway Winner."


Sandi asked us to tell a story about a special quilt, and I talked about a quilt made by my great-grandmother in the 1890s:

The quilt I’d like to tell you about was made by my great-grandmother, Mary Gehman Horning. In 1896. That’s right — 1896. Mary lived up in the mountains of Colorado, where my great-grandfather was a coal miner. He was a bit of a “roundheel,” which is code for “he ran around.” She was left to raise her four children on her own for months at a time.
She pieced two quilts from indigo fabrics and muslin, completely by hand and heavily quilted. When my Aunt Frances was moving out of her house, she offered me one of the two quilts, saying her daughters weren’t interested in having them (!) I chose the Double Irish Chain — she wanted to wash it before she gave it to me, as it had a smallish stain on one corner. I shrieked, “No, no, not necessary!” and convinced her not to put it through the washing machine. When I brought the quilt back to Colorado, I had it appraised by a Certified Quilt Appraiser, Bobbie Aug. After talking about the fabric, the design, the stitching and the hand-quilting, she asked me if I had an idea what it might be worth. I answered, “Oh, I think with all the quilting, it should be worth about $400-$500.”
She replied, “I am putting an appraised value on this quilt of $3600. You have a treasure I will never have, a quilt from your own family.”
It was just like on “Antiques Roadshow.” All I could say was “you’re kidding,” and “wow!”
My Aunt Frances wrote up a nice little history of Mrs. Horning and gave me a picture of my Great Grand-Mother sewing. Doubly treasured now that Aunt Frances is gone, also.
And yes, I have the quilt stored in acid-free paper in a special acid-free box!

Again, eeeek!  I won the EQ7 program!  One of the commenters noticed this was my second big win this month, and suggested I buy a lottery ticket . . . . . hmmm, maybe I should?

And now, your're a winner.  According to, the winner is:

Who is Ali, of alimakes.

and she said:

Ali wins:

Ali describes herself as "a long-suffering resident of the soggy, squish Pacific Northwest."  And she makes wine!  I may have to look her up when I go to the Tacoma Quilt Festival in August!

Congratulations, Ali!  I'm sending you an email asking for your address so I can send the three charm packs to you!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sew it's Finished Friday

Two more quilts quilted and bound -- Finally It's Finished Friday!

First up, "Framed Squares."  This was a "Brown Bag Surprise" at Ruth's Stitchery last year.  My favorite part of "Brown Bag Surprise" is that Ruth cuts the fabric, so all you have to do is sit down and sew.

This one is going to a friend in Idaho who is retiring after many years as a music teacher.  I quilted it with a meander stitch, using King Tut thread. (Had to get this photo quick while the tall quilt holder was home.  Like the bare feet?)

The last 12th Birthday quilt for this year is going to Washington.  It's called "Bounty of Blues."  I made it when Patchwork Times  was hosting "monochrome color of the month" last year. 

Remember to go here to make a comment for your chance to win three charm packs to celebrate 100+ followers.  Giveaway ends tomorrow at noon MDT!

Tomorrow is Front Range Modern Quilt Guild.  We're meeting at Fancy Tiger's new store in Denver.  I have my market bag ready for the swap -- can't wait!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP(s) Wednesday

Almost finished!

A little bit of everything is in progress this Wednesday.  First, my BOM Wednesday from Ruth's Stitchery:

 I'm using batiks (from my collection!) for this mystery.  Too bad the colors aren't photographing as pretty as they really are.

This second-to-last step is a "kite" block, made much easier by the use of Marti Michell's Template Set C.  Cutting the pieces is a little fiddly, but it is oh-so-worth-it when you sew them together!  I promise a tutorial on these templates sometime soon.

On the design wall

These are the first three blocks for my June "Schnibbles."  Carrie, of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. has graciously awarded all Schnibbles Parade participants with a free pattern for June.  "Leap Year" isn't available for sale quite yet, but you can go to the link in this paragraph and look at all the new Schnibbles patterns.

What's that you say?  Those blocks look mighty big for a Schnibbles?  Good catch -- I am using 2 1/2" squares for my blocks, since I have millions of them already cut!

In the quilting queue

Jenny, of Sew Kind of Wonderful, is having her own "31 Day Challenge" to long-arm 31 quilts in 31 days.  Go look at her quilting -- it just makes me sigh.  I'm sure I have more "to be quilted quilts" than anyone in the known world. 

Here are the tops for which I plan an "overall" quilting design (meander or my favorite loop-de-loop).  There are 17 that require white thread; five that want not-white thread.

Here is the "custom" stack.  These quilts are either a little more special, or have blocks that will make it easier to practice individual quilting designs.

Eleven of these will use white thread; fourteen need not-white.

I only pulled three quilt tops that I want to send to my long-arm quilter!  One has a design with fireflies that my long-armer bought especially for me; the other two are special quilts for special people.

Did you count?  I count 50 quilt tops to-be-quilted!  Maybe I'll do my own challenge, but make it "one top per week."  I could be caught up in a year!  Of course, that would insinuate I didn't piece any more tops, and we know that's not gonna happen!

Not-quilting WIP

I always have a knitting "to go" bag in my car.  This month's knitting project lives in this cool bag my bestie, Idaho Deb, brought me from Israel!

I'm pretty sure I'm the only knitter in America who has yet to complete one of these "ruffle yarn" scarves. I'm not happy with the way it's turning out, so I may have to apply Stephanie Pearl McPhee's rule: 

"When it comes to your knitting, remember who's boss.  If a knit isn't working out right, darn it, you can make it right.  Examine the knitting, find where you went wrong, rip it back, and do it over.  If that doesn't work, you can still take it outside, place it in the road, and run over it with your car as many times as it takes to feel better.  Either way, don't let it push you around."

Lining up to WIP Wednesday!

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And remember to go here to comment for a chance to win three charm packs in my 100+ followers giveaway!  Giveaway ends Saturday at noon MDT.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Morning Mish-Mash

Mondays usually are for Mystery Quilts, but by next Monday the mystery will be solved.  So I'm saving the next mystery post until then!

Today I have a mash-up of things to show you.  First up, the next great-grandchild's (not mine, my Mother's) 12th birthday quilt.  I blogged the details here

Normally I don't wash a quilt before I mail it, but I was using a new batting and wanted to see how it looked after washing.
Nice and crinkly.  However, I do like the way it looks where it is quilted more heavily.  Next time, more quilting!
The batting is a new-to-me product made in the USA -- Limerick, Maine -- by the Bosal Foam & Fiber Company.  Katahdin is available from The Idaho Quilt Barn.

I particularly love that this batting comes in four weights:  winter, spring, summer and fall.  I used "summer weight" for Katelinn's quilt. I bought an entire roll at the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City last month, and since I picked it up at the shop on my way home from McCall, I didn't  have to pay any shipping.  It worked out to just about $8 per yard!

If you want to test this batting for yourself, they sell it at their etsy shop and I think they are still offering the special shipping rate.  (No, they didn't pay me to talk about their shop, I just love the shop!)

I'm getting my long-arm quilting station arranged the way I want, with a little help from Elder Son (who does not like being photographed!)

My Daddy would be so proud of the careful job ES is doing -- checking for studs so the peg board will be very sturdily installed!
Ooh, that camera angle makes me a little seasick!  But I wanted to show off the next-up quilt!

Here's another view:

Like my antique sock blocker that my sister bought me?  It's for kilt hose, which I don't knit anymore -- too hard on the wrists!

Needless to say, another trip to the Home Depot is in order for more pegs! 

I'm linking up to Lily's Quilt's Fresh Sewing Day.

Lily's Quilts

And most importantly:

Yes, 126 Moda charm squares.  Which you can win in my giveaway to celebrate 100+ followers.

Go here to enter by Saturday, June 16th at noon MDT!

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